UBB-33 – insulated food delivery backpack – Orange

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Compact and lightweight delivery backpack, inspired by the food delivery riders
ProdelBags UBB-33 is a food delivery backpack with Pizza Pocket always used for food delivery (for Pizza smaller than 34 cm). Open from top using high quality zip improves hot insulation performance, while the front opening can load up to 4 pizzas of 33cm.
This product can be used as hand bag or backpack, and it’s foldable. It contains 4 plastic feet that made of a kind of sturdy duroplasts, this can protect the bottom of the bag
Lined with heat resistant, food grade EVA foam filling and a reflective foil lining, ensuring a hot delivery.
This backpack is unlike any other and has been designed by ProdelBags for intensive use for professionals. (See more product details.)

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