Internal shelf with vertical partition


Internal shelf is used to separate the orders inside the ProdelBags and D!bags Backpacks. The “Shelf Cube” model makes it possible to vertically share the lower part of the bag and to make sure that the products do not move during delivery.
• The shelf is made from HACP plastic boards, it is lightweight and durable.
• The fabric is 100% polyester.
• The shelf will help insulate the orders, and to prevent food squashing and packages being ruined from over stacking.

The internal separator is removable, which means that you can store the food packages whichever way you want and you can replace it with another shelf if it’s lost or damaged, there will be no need to replace the entire bag.

Suitable for : Prodelbags PRD 21, PRD 22, PRD 52-33, PRD 62, D!Bag 33

Total sales: 576 pcs.
The bag is unbranded and can be personalized with your logo (Click Here)

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