PRD52-4848 – Large capacity insulated nylon food delivery backpack

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The Prodelbags PRD52-4848 (48.5x47x50.5cm – 84.17 Liters) is a waterproof backpack delivery bag, equipped to help you deliver hot and cold foods while preserving the form of the food’s packaging, taste and aroma from the rough handling of the delivery personnel and the delivery route conditions. You can adjust the shelf (and more if you need) to the height you require, the combinations are endless and will accommodate a variety of boxes, cartons and trays.
Each PRD-52-4848 has rucksack shoulder straps and could have an adjustable waist band for comfort and stability.
The Prodelbags PRD-52-4848 is a heat insulated backpack delivery bag with upgraded features such as a new back design and bigger zippers. This bag is suitable for delivery on Bicycle or motor bikes.
Rugged, durable backpack designed for everyday use.

PRD52-4848 – Large capacity insulated nylon food delivery backpack is being restocked. Please, allow us ten to fifteen working days for delivery. Our team is currently reduced and we are doing our best. Thank you for your understanding and support

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The bag is unbranded and can be personalized with your logo (Click Here)