PRD STACK-422424

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If you are delivering delicate packages to repeat order clients, like the case of many diet centers and you want to economise on the medium term, our new PRD STACK-422424 offers you an ideal solution. The bag automatically transforms from a 6 sided hard box into one third its size in less than 5 seconds, it has three layers of insulation that keeps the delivery order very well preserved, the quality of the bag is guaranteed for one year.
Insulated bag with a layer of foam + aluminum foil inside. Carry handle, 29.7 Liters. Your fresh produce at the shelter for about 2 hours.
Can be used alone or in addition to the ProdelBags or D!bag backpacks.
• 45cmL x 27cmW x 27cmH.
• You can fold the bags away when not in use.
• It is ideal for transporting fast food for customer deliveries and generally keeping food warm for about an hour

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