Fresh Heat Light 334 – Heated Pizza delivery bag


Power up your performance to provide exceptional service while maintaining the restaurant-quality experience by transporting your pizzas hot 33cm pizzas in this ProdelBags Dura Light 334 (33x33x28cm) red insulated nylon pizza delivery bag with heating system.
With reinforced stitching for superior durability and high-performance, 1″ thick poly batting insulation, your food will be held at a consistent temperature and ensure to maintain its quality.
This Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag, Red Nylon, Holds up to (5) 33cm Pizza Boxe(s)
Give your staff the dependable delivery bag they deserve with this Prodelbags Dura Light 334 Red soft-sided heavy-duty nylon insulated pizza delivery bag!
Since this delivery Pizza bag could be heated, it helps to maintain food temperatures longer than unheated delivery bags – up to 45 mn after it is unplugged. (Provide higher delivered temperatures with the addition of the 220 or 12v heating element). (See more product details.)

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