D!bag 33 yellow, backpack food delivery bag

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This heat insulated food delivery backpack is remarkably and genuinely designed to carry out the food fresh and safe.
This Rucksack is particularly suitable for both Scooter and Cycle Food Delivery Riders.
• This thermal Backpack is ideal for carrying takeaway Pizza Boxes, drinks and most takeaway products.
• You can adjust the shelf to the height you require, the combinations are endless and will accommodate a variety of boxes, cartons and trays
• Each rucksack bag has padded shoulder straps which are adjustable to enable the user to have comfort and stability
This bag is lightweight and economical in cost making it a preferred choice for many startups. (See more product details.)

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• Also available in black, red, pink, orange, yellow, blue and lime
Digital Printing on PVC (print your logo for a professional look).
Internal separator shelf (optional).
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