BYK SB – insulated food delivery Backpack – black

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What do you get when you combine the functionality of the multi-purpose PRD22 with the smart and clean Agility?
If you ask us you get the best of both worlds, and our test riders have already called it the ultimate daily delivery backpack. It has everything you need both in style and practicality, whether you’re going at work, riding the city pavements with your bicycle.

Compact and lightweight delivery backpack, inspired by the food delivery riders

Lightweight, ergonomic backpack for city road cycling, the BYK-SB by ProdelBags has a woven, adjustable waist strap with a buckle to keep the pack secure as you ride.
This small (but huge) backpack is a compact version of ProdelBags’ PRD22 (for serious cyclists), and was designed to work with his ideal work buddy BYK AGILITY

This small backpack is unlike any other and has been designed by ProdelBags for intensive use for professionals. (See more product details.)

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