Catering Deliveries

D!Bag 33 insulated food delivery backpack rucksack Delivery Bag for cycle coursier

Catering companies bring ready-to-serve food to events, often in large sheet pans or trays. It’s especially important to keep cold food cold and hot food hot since kitchen equipment and accommodations on-site may be limited.

  • More food is transported at once to catered events, often in cars or vans with limited space.
  • Bags need to be able to hold sheet pans, trays, and other large vessels used for transporting food.
  • Insulated bags must be able to handle large, heavy loads often.

Catering companies will want to invest in heavy-duty nylon bags designed to hold a large amount of food at once. Because caterers could be traveling 1 km or 100 km away for a job, it’s important they stay prepared for any situation with the right insulated delivery bags. We recommend top loading sheet pan bags and food pan catering bags for stacking and carrying large loads of ready-to-eat foods in pans and trays.

Insulated delivery bags are great for keeping your fresh food at safe temperatures for serving. Including a delivery option for your restaurant opens up a whole new stream of revenue, making it a profitable and rewarding practice. Choose the right bag that will best serve your needs without breaking your budget.

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