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Selecting the right insulated bag for your precious pizza cargo is essential to keeping your customers satisfied..

ProdelBags Pizza Bags is a line of professional food delivery bags which offers a wide range of products to satisfy the needs of a diverse food industry. Some of the products we offer are water proof pizza delivery bags, heated pizza delivery bags, hard sided hot pizza bags. Our products are designed with all stakeholders in mind, starting with your customer to receive the food in the best condition possible we take into consideration the temperature, form and feel of the food delivered.
Designed to handle large and small orders, these insulated pizza delivery bags are just what your business needs to keep orders hot during transport. Choose from durable vinyl and glossy nylon exteriors with handy features like carrying straps, secure closures, and interior racks.
If you’re wondering where to buy pizza delivery bags, we have a large selection of pizza delivery bags for sale at the lowest prices.

43cm - Can be Heated
Motorcycle Courier
Premium Backpack
Premium Backpack
Capacity 79 liters
Capacity 78 liters
Capacity 97 liters

Français Borse termiche per il trasporto di pizza.
Studiate per agevolare il trasporto della pizza queste borse termiche porta pizza mantengono al caldo le pizze appena sfornate.
Le consegne a domicilio non saranno più un problema! Le borse sono realizzate da materiale termicamente isolante e sono utili anche per il trasporto di cibo. Scegli la borsa più adatta alle tue esigenze

Français !Adiós a las pizzas frías!
Con nuestras nuevas bolsas térmicas para transportar pizzas, las entregas a domicilio ya no serán un problema.
Las bolsas están hechas de materiales térmicamente aislantes de tan alta calidad que las pizzas se conservan calientitas y crujientes, como recién horneadas, hasta el momento de su entrega.
?Y por qué limitarse a pizzas? También son útiles para el transporte de otros alimentos, como pays, quiches y hasta tartas. Elija la bolsa que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades.