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Courier Delivery Bags and Rucksacks, Roll top backpacks

Cycle courier bags are perfect for speeding through urban areas whether cycling messenger. These bike courier bags are comfortable and keep your items safe and secure.
The heavy duty fabric and large capacity will guarantee you that all items can be packed in a single bag. The Bag can also be handy for carrying large amount of goods in a single trip without feeling the weight. Therefore, the advantage lies not only in the bag’s capacity and the lightweight construction, but also in the price; it is a good investment for your business.
These courier delivery bags and rucksacks have been ergonomically designed to keep your drivers comfortable during the ride!
These courier delivery bags and rucksacks are developed with features that can meet your requirements and operational needs: Waterproof and water-repellent textile to prevent the bag from getting wet, side pockets to put water bottle and bike lock for easy access, they also have plastic buckles to assure safety and to easily open and close the bag. They have adjustable straps to fit neatly on the driver’s shoulder and adjusted hip belt to give extra safety. While the padded shoulder straps provide comfort, the padding on the back makes the level of comfort much better than the other models in the market.


Backpack Delivery Bags

Cycle Courier Delivery Bag – Red


Rolltops have several facets that zippered bags do not. These make the rolltop a much easier, simpler storage solution than even a basic zippered bag that carried everyone’s Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox.

• Fast, easy access to the huge main pocket.
• Compacts to reduce unnecessary volume.
• Works equally well when completely full or mostly empty for more utility in a greater number of situations.
• Fewer zippers, pockets, and straps to worry about.
• Produce less waste and typically cost less since they are simpler to produce.

Rolltops make good EDC bags because they’re not intended to be built for dire conditions and complex journeys. They’re satchels where you throw in all the junk you need, roll it down, strap it in, and walk on with your day. If that kind of purity appeals to you, it’s time to get serious and snap up your new go-everywhere companion.

Our bags are made to be modular to serve the different needs of the diverse delivery businesses.
Add-ons available for those products are:
Digital Printing on PVC material (print your logo for a professional look).
Logo and AD Printing: Please send email to for your logo files (Better quality with vector format).

Designed in France, hand-built with ❤ at our little factory located in beirut, Lebanon.