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D!Bag: Insulated nylon rucksacks, food delivery bags for cycle, bike, scooter courier.

logo D!Bag

The D!Bag brand is a sure bet for the bicycle lovers. In addition to our famous delivery backpacks, we also manufacture accessories to further enhance the possibilities of the bags.

Bike riders swear by water-resistant delivery bags D!Bag: each isothermal rucksack bags of our manufacture offers the largest storage space possible and effectively repels any raindrop – two really decisive advantages when It is a matter of transporting food products.

Nine Six One is worldwide famous expert to provide safe food delivery solutions. Nine Six One's products are made in a variety of sizes and styles to meet individual user requirements and are made to strict specifications to meet or exceed your expectations.
Once you have tried D!bag backpack, you'll agree, they are the safest, most efficient way to deliver oven hot foods to your customers.
Logo and AD Printing: Please send email to [email protected] for your logo files (Better quality with vector format).
Our bags are made to be modular to serve the different needs of the diverse restaurant businesses.
Add-ons available for those products are:
Internal Separator Shelf separates the bag in two or more compartments.
Digital Printing on PVC material (print your logo for a professional look).
Top Beverage additional compartment for beverages on top of the bag.
Heated shelf/ hotplate internal element that heats the entire bag for hot deliveries.
Internal Heated Bags (IHB) separate heated bag that can be added to the bag.
Internal Cold Compartment (ICC) an add-on to insulate the cold items inside the bag.