Rolltop Backpacks are back

Messenger bag - Bike Messenger Backpacks for Cycle Couriers - Color Black
Messenger bag - Bike Messenger Backpacks for Cycle Couriers - Black
Bike Messenger Backpacks for Cycle Couriers

There’s a resurgence of rolltop backpacks growing in the riders community. An increasing number of riders, bikers, courier are all toting around rolltop bags instead of the standard backpack bag style wherein everything is closed with zippers, ties, or flaps.

The rolltop, conversely, does exactly what it says it will do, which is have a top that rolls down like a brown bag lunch sack instead of using another means of closure.

The reason people are reverting to this older, more simplistic style is due to the advantages they get with a rolltop that isn’t there when you’ve got a whole galaxy of pockets, mesh webbing, drawstrings, and whatever the hell that weird little clasp with the compression hook is called.

Resistant to water, antibacterial and reflective they are very useful in town.
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